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FlightSchool Manager

For over 12 years - we serve Flightschools, TRTOs and ATOs with a unique management tool. It combines all your department tasks into one platform - accessible 24/7 with the highest security standards available.

Contact Manager and OPS

Students, Staff, Instructors all in place. Over 80 Items per contact available. All information in one place – 24/7 – all year around.
Information about any HomeBase, Course or Pilot – what is the latest progress of my operation.

Lessons and Syllabus

For every individual, phase or course. PPL, ATPL, MPL, Typerating. You can design as many as you need.
Grading: For every individual phase or course. Serve your airline partners with current summaries

Records and Accounting

Training, Landing, Time and Duty log book. Get automatic Reports like Medical Reminders.
Billings, Report – use the build in grids, export to excel or any other third party tool.

Dispatch and Controlling

Planning, Roster, Schedule – send clean and easy readable emails with all information needed by your crews.
Forecast, Production, Real Time monitor – void any peaks your operation can not handle

Online Schedule

Online Scheduling

Intuitive Drag and Drop options help you to create a schedule for your fleet in minutes. Send notifications with just one click - either to a crew, your homebase fleet or even to ATC. Schedule Aircrafts, Simulators or Rooms.


Track your Students flight progress

Have always a real time overview of the performance and progress of all your students. See who is behind schedule, who is long or short in time

Course Development

Course development

Create courses for your longterm planning within a short time. Run all the analysis of your complete operation - see where you have peaks your operation can not handle - and take proactive action. So you never run out of resources

UTC and Local Time Support

UTC Time - and local time support

You can either work with UTC or Local time - mix them as you like in different areas. The system will merge everything according your time zone.


  • Reports about Fuel, Landings, Airport usage

    For fast crosscheck of your bills from other airport supplier - we provide several reports and pivots

  • Mission, Phase and Course organization.

    Have endless options to create multiple course designs with different lesson plans, phases etc.

  • Easy bookkeeping for Students (bills) and Instructors (paycheck). Have your monthly statement ready in minutes. See what your revenue will be in the next few month.

  • Time and Duty records will be produced automatically. You can also use a fully Check In/Out process - similar to an airline operation. All will be logged and stored - and ready for any audit you might have - either in UTC or your Local Time - 24/7.

  • Have all the documents in one place. Provide your instructors with check forms, your students with procedure changes. You either have them ready as a library - or online confirmation, where the user has a must read option.

  • Have your staff under control - how is on duty, who is on vacation? All is integrated into a daily roster. Similar to an Airline operation your staff can make requests (like off days, vacation) - and you can give them a monthly roster within minutes

  • Forget about the paper grading sheets - each lesson can be graded right on check out - so all will be filed in one task.

    Review a course in a flexible Matrix view, generate Reports for Airline clients on demand. 

    Monitor personal Skills as well as the progress throughout the different phases of training.

  • Have your available Aircraft Status in real-time available. Maintenance can schedule their down time in advance without the hassle of manual logbook calculations.
    MEL/HIL implementation Have your maintenance record available to Dispatch and your pilots - so they can plan ahead - not when checking the logbook right at mission start.

  • Automated Logbook for Students and Instructors. Have all the stored records available - to all your pilots. Everybody can get his personal record in grid, excel or pdf format.

    Real Time Logbook for Maintenance and Accounting are also available. Over 30 ready to use reports - and more on your personal needs.



All data is stored with the latest encryption available. We use 256bit certificates for all online communication - to protect your data. We run several backups according your requirement - to protect your operation from losing anything. 

You do not share your storage or web services with another client. All clients are hosted on an own server farm for maximum security. 


You can add

  •  Students - unlimited
  •  Instructors - unlimited
  •  Aircrafts (different types and models) - unlimited
  •  Flights - unlimited
  •  Hours - unlimited

We believe - the sky is the only limit. ELORF AIR grows - as you grow.

So - you can see, that we do not want you to buy extra packages - after you have implemented this tool.  Everything included - even our support!

And if you want any specific reports, views, diagrams or statistics you might need especially for your company - just ask us for a quote. 

ELORF AIR is in an ongoing development process - every time an costumer asks us to implement a new idea - it will be available for everybody in the next release (except you have a special arrangement which is only for your company). We strive to help you to get the best out of your operation. Maximize the automatic control and help you to reduce your workload to get everything organized. 

Having an existing system - we will help you to merge all the information from all your systems into one operating platform.


It will suite all JAR/FAA/EASA requirements you might have from your authority.  The program operational language is English.

And Infomations like this:

ELORF AIR Area Overview


ELORF AIR is designed for FlightSchools, FTOs, ATOs and Training Facilities. It can save you hours of work and improve accuracy when calculating aircraft hours and flight times.  ELORF AIR will make you more efficient and save you time and money.

All in one tool makes it easy for different departments to exchange data. No more double database end endless excel files - because the tool has one main source.

Departments have their own access - and see only what they need. Your local admin can modify the privileges who can do what.

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Thanks for contacting us. We get back to you as soon as possible! ELORF-AIR Team